Mark  and I have begun writing for the new UltraViolet Daydream CD.  The new tracks will have more prog per minute than the legal limit allows (unless you live in Amsterdam). We have two almost complete and 6 more at different stages of progness. Keep your shirts on kids cause this is going to be a great year for prog.  Looks like 2012 will be a great year for more of that 70’s Stones/Faces rock and roll.  I found some old rehearsal tapes for the last “Uglies” tour with some unrecorded jems.  Mickey has agreed to make a low thundering appearence on bass again along with current “Uglies” members Tom Larson (Drums), Lee Warren (Guitar) and Mark Mingrone (Organ/Piano).  We are going to release anoher boysteous bar room boogie filled CD in 2012.  Basic tracking begins mid summer. I’ve been sifting through the old demos of songs that did not make the “Rubbertramp” release.  Looks like there are a great many candidates for a another Dutch/Crowd of One release.  Jon and Tod have agreed to join the fun along with UVD members Mark Mingrone (Organ/Piano) Lee Warren (pedal Steel) and Jeff Brown (Drums). Officially this will be a Dutch solo CD but will it will lend itself to the Crowd of One college radio sound of the 90’s.  Looks like we will start tracking mid summer.  Projects Check out the latest news from my current artist                 projects   Dutchsounds Made with Rock& Roll