Welcome For the last twenty years Dutch has been found in one form or another  changing the way the world listens to music . Whether it is producing an up and coming act , fronting his own project or mastering that next track you hear on the radio. You can always find Dutch on the cutting edge of what is happening in the Nashville music scene   Dutchsounds  . As a producer and mastering engineer (at the old RCA studio B) Dutch has  worked in the studio with members of Wilco, Synamatic, 98 degrees ,Dash Rip Rock,  Continental Drifters, The Alarm,  Steve Cropper, Kim Carson, Al Cooper, David Arkenstone, Tommy Emmanual, Reese Wynans, Willie Weeks, Beegi Adair,Al Perkins,Phil Keagy,Lalo Davila,Pat Burgeson,Chester Thompson ,The Bangles and Jolene along with a long list of Nashville and New York's finest session players.  Known for his  "mixes that breathe" he has worked on hundreds of releases..  As an artist Dutch has been a part of numerous releases, countless years of touring and sideman work. Working along side  the likes of The Jayhawks, Saltgrass,Mike Ness, Jack Ingram, Angie Aparro, Vertical Horizon, The Outfield and Webb Wilder to name a few.    His unique guitar sound and uncanny knack for finding the "hook" has always kept him busy.    Currently Dutch with his new band Ultraviolet Daydream has just released "Red Shift" , an adventure in vintage 70's style progressive rock following in the vein of his childhood hero's like Genesis, Camel, ELP and Yes. Check out his new release at www.ultravioletdaydream.com . 70’s style progressive rock for the next generation..... Mastering for your next release.  Email for rates and availability Made with Rock& Roll